Who is maria bartiromo dating

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Who is maria bartiromo dating

“And, by the way, there was another thing--which was hard.

They force you to do nothing for 60 days, so that’s what I did.

According to Bartiromo and Steinberg’s wedding announcement in the New York Times, the couple got hitched on June 13, 1999, when she was 31 and he was 34.I was off the air.”During the 60-day enforcement period of the non-compete clause, Bartiromo did manage to take a couple of rare vacations--a long weekend with her sister in Milan, shopping and catching La Traviata at La Scala, and hiking in Arizona with her husband, Wisdom Tree financial management CEO Jonathan Steinberg--but most of the time she simply endured, a workaholic soul in television purgatory.“In retrospect I should have gone to the Caribbean and put my feet up,” she told me, clearly not meaning it.24, which allowed her agent at CAA, Richard Lovett, to negotiate with Fox.“It was a little awkward, but that’s how these media contracts work,” she said.

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“It got very frustrating to me.”There were certainly other compelling reasons to jump ship. He was Bartiromo’s boss at CNBC in the mid-1990s when he made her a star--the first television journalist to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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