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Despite the scenic views from the windows at Country Cow, the interior decor at the restaurant was anything but picturesque."There's a lot of beat-up walls," Robert told his designer Cheryl Torrenueva.In an effort to highlight the scenic outdoors, Cheryl painted the walls of Country Cow a rich blue-green color, while Tom Bury, the construction manager, added wall framings to draw attention to the windows and fixed natural wood panels to the ceiling.With a stained ceiling, broken floor tiles and damaged bar chairs, the scene at 85-year-old Paul's Bar & Bowling was grim.And, because no makeover takes shape without tools, tear-down and terrific work, contractor Tom Bury of Division9 – Design takes a break from his round-the-clock makeover run to talk construction.

Bury and Nayak appear on the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible,” a reality show that gives menu and design makeovers to failing restaurants.Food Network stars Taniya Nayak and Tom Bury, along with a crew of volunteers, worked over the weekend to transform the 1920s-era cafeteria – which used to be a bomb shelter -- custom-built tables around existing pillars, a recycling center and creative wall art.Bury and Nayak, who are spokespeople for Shur Tech, will use Shur Tech’s Frog Tape brand Painter’s Tape, which makes it easy to paint stripes, chevrons, waves and other patterns on walls and furniture.Nayak looked forward to splashing bold colors on the walls, including the school colors of blue and gold, and getting rid of pictures of vegetables painted on the room’s cement columns.“We feel sad for (the students) that they each lunch down there,” Nayak said.“I feel these kids are ready for all-out new.”Read about the redesigned cafeteria’s big reveal and watch a video on on Tuesday.

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Meet the new host, Egypt Sherrod: According to Cineflix Productions, which produces the show, she’s a nationally syndicated TV and radio personality, as well as a licensed Realtor and short-sale specialist: Known for her dynamic delivery and magnetic mix of sass and class, Egypt can be heard weekdays hosting her top rated , and regularly shares her music and pop-culture expertise on CNN, Fox Network, Black Entertainment Television, and The Today Show, among others It’s hard to imagine the show without Sandra, isn’t it?

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