The idiots guide to dating Black cam2cam video

Posted by / 04-Jun-2017 11:45

The idiots guide to dating

On the first date, we will not be caught eating with our mouths closed and/or speaking politely.Instead, you will find us talking endlessly, and loudly!

One of the good things about dating us is that you’ll find yourself learning how to express (just in case you are the typical macho who contains emotions in your private, dark, empty cave.) Maybe you are the kind of guy who always starts every sentence with “I think.” Well, if you are dating a writer, you might catch yourself starting to use “I feel.” We don’t blame you.

Remember that we have this unique ability to string words to perfection.

Sometimes, you will hear us using the words in one sentence.

When you date a writer, everything is covered in chocolate-melted metaphors.

You will never hear us say “I’m hungry.” But know that when we say “I woke up with an empty appetite” we are definitely not talking about food.

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Because we know that you are reading our every single blog entry (although, most probably, this is just all in our heads–we have a highly creative imagination just for you to know) to find out how messed up we are, we will not disappoint!

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