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As he sifts through the mail stacked on his desk, Kleine lifts up a check from an Australian man who is ordering the addresses to 15 prisoners.

But actively seeking women who are beyond reach is certainly a somewhat unhealthy attraction.

"If your mom was unavailable emotionally, you would tend to gravitate to those types of women who are unavailable, which is what these men are doing."As for Kleine, he's not ready to plead insanity. I'm researching a companion Web site to Jailbabes that will feature male inmates.

Instead, he's gearing up for another Web-based venture."See this girl?

The woman has 12 different aliases and was convicted of 13 different counts of burglary, grand theft, and assorted other crimes.

While Kleine says he has encountered no resistance from any corrections officials, a California prison spokeswoman advised people writing inmates to use caution, since sex – no matter how remote the prospect – can addle common sense."We always have concerns about prisoners' ability to manipulate private citizens," says Christine May, of the California Department of Corrections.

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In the past few months, Wally (who asked that his full name not be used) has ordered 20 addresses from Jailbabes."I got responses from 18 of them, which of course I had to narrow down to five or six girls I was really serious about," he says.

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