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international club bookings from the United States to Germany speak for themselves! At the age of 16 she made her first steps into the rave scene by attending scores of events around Stuttgart.

The following years she was part of a few projects and got scores of bookings and resident jobs in Stuttgart and other citys all over Germany. With his hard work and consistent releases on top labels like Trapez, Brood Audio, Italo Business, TK Records and Techno, Mike has cemented his position as one of the most exciting new talents to an eye out for.

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At the end of Anna decided that she would now concentrate on music and she started to learn. George Perry and Peter Latino, who were milestones single stuttgart the Frankfurt music scene, pointed her in the right direction and opened to a previously unknown world: Driving beats and dramatic arrangements aroused her euphoric listeners see more really left an impression.

Gig after gig she was able to refine her technique and track by track her style emerged for phatt basslines mixed with single stuttgart but grooving melodic beats.

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Wer letzten beiden Jahrzehnten in Deutschland in der elektronischen Tanzmusik unterwegs war, ist an Harry Nash garantiert nicht vorbei gekommen. Noch immer findet sie sich bei Ihren Mystisch klingenden Sounds ein.