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Metrosexual websites

The products they’re using aren’t “[counteracting] the visible effects of fatigue that the modern man’s lifestyle of travel, late nights and outdoor sports has on the skin.” Soon to be sold at Neiman Marcus, TOM FORD for Men Skincare with “anti-irritant properties” smooths out the wear and tear from late nights in St. Unlike most women’t products, TF Beauty NEVER claims the products are anti-aging!

Tropez, skiing in Aspen, and yachting the Virgin Islands. Considering that a TF lipstick is , you shouldn’t be surprised a magic man concealer stick is . In other words, we’re not dealing with your wrinkles.

Nor do men shop as enthusiastically as metrosexuals are said to.

They are reluctant shoppers, remaining loyal to a core selection of trusted brands.

Men are conspicuous under-consumers in a whole range of categories, leaving advertisers unhappy. Aren’t they all metrosexual now, proudly wearing Armani underpants and slathering themselves in moisturiser?

We are happy and smiling today, simply because we came upon one of a much-promising clothing designing firms.

It concluded that men’s toiletries had failed to achieve the explosive growth anticipated since the late 80s, when Shulton launched its Insignia men’s range.

This was supposed to herald the emergence of the ‘new man’ , but the reality was that most were not ready to embrace a grooming regime featuring myriad products.

Advertisers welcomed him with open arms, due to his taste for expensive skincare products, stylish clothes and minimalist home furnishings .

His toned torso unfurled across billboards, most often in the shape of David Beckham.

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