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That said, I love my K-Tec front/rear, but have nothing positive to say about the steering damper. Go with Hyperpro, hlins or Bitubo instead on that particular part!

Regarding the valvekit or complete cartridge, if money is just of the tiniest concern, go with the valvekit.

It will really let you go far on the stock unit and save you half a boat load of money.

I havent tried it before the cartridge on the BMW, but on my old Honda it was difficult to feel the difference until you really really did something utterly stupid! Can't wait to see you (and everybody else this weekend!!!!!! in the equipments ability to handle a mistake (big and small).

They change oil and spring, dial in to their weight and go.

They are impressive and just shows that sometimes the money thrown at suspension is a doubtful investment.

Changing to either the 25SSK or 25DDS will give you a massive improvement. I instantly bought an Ohlins damper at the track and had it installed. .a few track days later, fatigued, gripping the bars too tight again. Also imo there's no need for another steering damper then stock(unless your racing the TT etc, then I would sudgest an upgrade). Intried many other brands in the past and i always returned to Ohlins at the end.

Can't say Ohlins is the "best" but I knew no matter where I went, I could get parts if I had to (and also have people work on it if they needed too (and have them be Ohlins certified specialists as well - even my dealership is an Ohlins service center).

Not saying you should get Ohlins over K-tech, but just something to consider. I’m running the DDS Cartridge front and 35DDS Pro rear.

Second bike I’m running on K-Tec and I’m really pleased. From my pow it’s highly recommended to use someone experienced to measure out your bike and dial in the height of the bike according to your weight while riding.

Regarding previous comment on service/parts for your suspension – that is a good point, and more than you know!

The hlins service centers, or other brands for that matter, can’t service the K-Tec suspension unless they are approved for it. For the rear and steering damper you’d be good to go!

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While your suspension guy may be down the street from you in Texas, your bike is going to traveling to different areas to different tracks.