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Khufu may have viewed himself as a divine creator, a role that was already given to Khnum, the god of earth, creation and growth.

Thanks to these documents, an obscure and critical picture of Khufu's personality persists.All other reliefs and statues were found in fragments and many buildings of Khufu are lost.Everything known about Khufu comes from inscriptions in his necropolis at Giza and later documents.Interestingly, the pharaoh officially used two versions of his birth name: Khnum-khuf and Khufu.The first (complete) version clearly exhibits Khufu's religious loyalty to Khnum, the second (shorter) version does not.

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The inscription describes the arrival of royal boats with precious ore and turquoise in the "year after the 13th cattle count under Hor-Medjedw".

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