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I tried to call the number back but it doesn't even ring it just hangs up. I shouldn't have to keep changing my phone number because the FCC, FTC, and Fed Gov won't crack down on this.

This is happening because it's now so easy to get a fake, virtual phone number without proving identity.

However, these kinds of jobs can be intimidating, and can mess you up mentally. I hope this was worded correctly and this was clear enough.404-874-6445 called me today and was talking about how I can lower my credit card interest rates .I immediately told them never to call me and that the call was being recorded for my purposes. I don't have a credit card and the FTC warns consumers from there website about these interest rates lowered scams .Besides, the scammer will find out the new number in no time.I want a politician to campaign, in part, on this phone scam issue.

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My cell phone is for emergency messages from the nursing home where my husband is. Scam artists and shady businesses don't always follow the law -- including the Do Not Call Rule.

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