Breast cancer survivor dating

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Breast cancer survivor dating

Especially b/c I not only jad cancer as a young child, but am disfigured from the radiation and have had many significant late and long-term effects.

(I won't go into them here, but they're summarized on my web page.) My disfigurement is such that people don't notice it right away, but eventually there is no missing it. I think it's never OK to be dishonest, but I do think it's OK to let information out slowly so as to not overwhelm people.

I was sick during my late teens "prime dating-age" and needless to say miss some of the knowledge you would ordinarily gain.

I know that there is no set way to tell someone, let alone the perfect moment, but any advice would be much appreciated. hi peter, and sparcky, I think the sooner you mention it, the easier it will be. At any rate you have got to mention it, mind you, once you have done, who knows what she has to tell you about her (medical) past.

Again, looking back, I think that many frogs were weeded out of my life and I found my prince.

I have been pleasantly surprised on many more occasions than I have been disappointed in people. Just let this person know you want her/him to really know you and this is an important part of who you are. -Fran I've never had a problem with anyone's only "disfigurement" (and I don't think I would use that word anyway) is a faded scar from surgery.

The reaction is always just an amazed "wow, that must have been rough, you are so strong".

It was not until later on in life that a good friend pointed out to me that it is a subject not everyone is comfortable with. So, starting a conversation with "Hi, my name is Laura.

I like pina coladas and traveling, oh and I had cancer", doesn't quite work.

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I prefer to get to know people well before disclosing my medical history but often find people are upset that I haven't told them sooner. Hi I am a 42 yr old father of a 21 yr old son who was recently diagnosed with stage 1 Rhabdo. I hope everything is going well for everyone, Sarah Srisko, I am a survior of Lymphoma cancer. So look, I always tell you that you are AMAZING and any guy would be happy to have you (remember what the psychic lady said). I am a 20 year survivor of ALL and decided that I wanted to share my story with everyone one since I was a kid.